Discover Padel, the racket sport that combines the intensity of tennis with the strategic finesse of squash. Whatever your level, from seasoned player to passionate beginner, Padel promises an electrifying sporting adventure. Come and experience the excitement of frenzied matches, fast exchanges and spectacular shots, all in a friendly and memorable atmosphere. Padel is more than just a game, it’s a vibrant experience that awaits all thrill-seekers.

Grab your racket, find a partner and embark on the exciting world of Padel at Everness. A sporting and friendly adventure awaits you!

Bookings can only be made online
Price: CHF 60 /court / max 4 people


private lessons

Duration : 1,5h
Price / person : 1 pers 145 Frs / 2 pers 80 Frs / 3 pers 55 Frs / 4 pers 45 Frs
Contact by phone : Joto Tennis. Jonas Meinecke

CLINICS: Intensive programme for more advanced technique and development.

  • Sat 6 MARS 2024: Clinique volée
  • Sat 4 MAI 2024: Clinique Lob
  • Sat 1er JUIN 2024: Clinique défense vitre
  • Sat 6 JUILLET 2024: Clinique Chiquita
  • Sat 3 AOÛT 2024: Clinique Bandeja
  • Sat 7 SEP 2024:  Clinique jouer lentement
  • Sat 5 OCTOBRE 2024: Clinique Zones de jeu
team building

Organise your Team Building at Everness and enjoy a unique Padel experience.

  • Introduction to Padel: Perfect for beginners, this 2-hour session offers a complete introduction to the game.
  • Introduction to Padel + Tournament: After an introduction, it’s time for some friendly competition with an organised tournament.
  • Padel Tournament: For those already familiar with the sport, dive straight into the action with an exciting tournament.
  • Padel & Tennis: A combination of the two sports for a full day of physical activity and fun.
    Tennis: A session dedicated to tennis fans, with a team-building approach.

Available for groups of 4 or more, at an attractive price from CHF 50 per person.

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Discover our adult padel training course at Everness: an intensive programme to develop your skills and master this exciting sport! Supervised by specialist coaches.


Over 3 days, half days: padel, technique, cardio (tennis? depending on the choice of training course)


Information and registration via the attached forms, on the corresponding date:


kids camp

Summer camps: your children will discover and train for 5 days in 5 activities:

Tennis, Padel, Pickleball, Badminton. Table tennis

Progress 5 rackets (day) From 7 to 16 years old: Forestland outing

Information and registration via the attached forms, on the corresponding date:


Experience the excitement of padel at our epic tournament!

Join us for thrilling matches, non-stop action and an unforgettable atmosphere.


SUIPA tournament on 20 April 2024!




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