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The Everness tennis experience, singles or doubles

joto tennis

Discover the Joto Tennis school on our courts!

Jo-nas Svensson, 10th in the world and twice a finalist at Roland-Garros, and To-re Meinecke, 43rd in the world, combined their first names and skills to found Joto Tennis in 2004.

The JOTO TENNIS school now offers a wide range of options:

Individual court hire

Private lessons for adults and juniors

Adult and children’s camps

tennis court

Get energised and relaxed during your stay at the hotel. Book a tennis court and treat yourself to an unforgettable session of sport and fun!

Book a court

private lesson

Make the most of your stay at the hotel by booking a private adult or junior tennis lesson. Combine sport, relaxation and challenging yourself for an unforgettable experience. Book now and leave with unforgettable sporting memories!

Contact Tore Meinecke to book a lesson:
079 442 66 48

Price Private lesson (1h):
CHF 130 (court included, booked by coach)
No court bookings through the hotel.

adult stage

Discover our tennis stage at Joto Tennis: an intensive programme to develop your skills and master this exciting sport!

Over 3 days, half days or evenings: tennis, technique, cardio (or tennis and padel).

Information and registration via the attached forms, on the corresponding date :

2-4 avril  Camp de Paques Tennis (or Padel-Tennis)

9-11 mai Camp de Pentecôte Tennis (or Padel-Tennis)

18-20 mai Camp de l’Ascencion Tennis (or Padel-Tennis)

1-3-4 july :Summer camp tennis (or Padel-tennis)

8-10-11 july :Summer camp tennis (or Padel-tennis)

5-7-8 august :Summer camp tennis (or Padel-tennis)

12-14-15 August :Summer camp tennis (or Padel-tennis)

kids camps

Summer camps: your children will discover and train for 5 days in 5 activities:

Tennis, Padel, Pickleball, Badminton. Table tennis

Progress 5 rackets (day) From 7 to 16 years old
Forestland outing

Information and registration via the attached forms, on the corresponding date

8-12 july

29-2 august

12-16 August