The menu

Well hidden beyond postcards, beyond the backdrop of Heidi’s adventures, far from safes, there is a country called Switzerland. A real place, where real people live. And this country has an incredible diversity of ideas, cultures and regions. At the restaurant Everness, this is Switzerland that we want you to discover. A different Swiss, gourmet, local and seasonal. A Switzerland far from clichés and always, always surprising.


First course & main dish ou main dish & dessert
50.00 CHF
Whole menu
62.00 CHF

First course

Mixed salad
9.00 CHF
Scrambled eggs and Swiss grilled bacon, mustard and beetroot cream
13.00 CHF
Cream of asparagus, peas, beans and mint-infused emulsion
14.00 CHF
Smoked salmon on toast, cream of horseradish and granny smith
17.00 CHF
Albacore tuna tartar, avocado and lime (origin: Niels Rodin)
19.00 CHF
Green asparagus and prosciutto ham, virgin sauce and thyme crumble
18.00 CHF
Green asparagus with morel sauce
23.00 CHF

Main dishes

Pan-fried lake perch Lemon butter Chips and fresh spinach
42.00 CHF
Roasted scallops with bacon and grapes, cream of pea soup with crunchy vegetables
42.00 CHF
Fillet of sea bass cooked on one side, virgin sauce, boiled potatoes and green asparagus
38.00 CHF
Classic Burger : Swiss beef, cheddar cheese, homemade sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, Chips
27.00 CHF
Vegetarian Burger : Homemade chickpea patty, tomato, salad, onions, homemade sauce, Chips
24.00 CHF
Morel toast cooked with Jura yellow wine and cream, spinach with wild garlic
32.00 CHF
Traditional beef tartar, Chips and Green salad
38.00 CHF
Ballotine of IPS poultry with tarragon, veal jus, rice and grilled zucchini
34.00 CHF
(Swiss lamb with herb breadcrumbs thyme jus, crispy polenta and vegetables
52.00 CHF
Grilled fillet of Swiss beef with Himalayan salt, Chimichurri sauce, Baked ratte potatoes and baby vegetables.
52.00 CHF
Supplement morel yellow wine sauce
10.00 CHF
Risotto with green asparagus, parmesan and baby vegetables
26.00 CHF
Tagliatelle with vegetables and rocket pesto
21.50 CHF

Cheese & desserts

Paris-Brest style praline puff
12.00 CHF
Caramelised apple and Breton shortbread
12.00 CHF
Chocolate dome, passion fruit insert
12.00 CHF
Tart of the day
8.00 CHF
Seasonal fruit salad
10.00 CHF
Seasonal tiramisu
10.50 CHF
Café gourmand
15.00 CHF
Denmark cup
14.00 CHF
Alcoholic cup
16.00 CHF
Cup of ice cream/sorbet
4.00 CHF
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