The menu

Well hidden beyond postcards, beyond the backdrop of Heidi’s adventures, far from safes, there is a country called Switzerland. A real place, where real people live. And this country has an incredible diversity of ideas, cultures and regions. At the restaurant Everness, this is Switzerland that we want you to discover. A different Swiss, gourmet, local and seasonal. A Switzerland far from clichés and always, always surprising.


Create your menu with the dishes marked by an M

First course & main dish ou main dish & dessert
45.00 CHF
Whole menu
55.00 CHF

First course

V : vegetarian L : lactose free G : gluten free

(M) Seasonal salad and crunchy vegetables (V/L/G)
11.00 CHF
(M) Cucumber and rocket gazpacho with horseradish foam (G)
14.00 CHF
(M) Appenzell beef tartar cut with knife, toast (L)
16.00 CHF
(M) Roasted aubergine with miso, saffron cream, pomegranate salad and pickles (V/G/L)
15.00 CHF
Duo of fera (raw and smoked) with lemon juice and chives, vegetable chips (L)
18.00 CHF
Asia tuna tataki, sesame chop suey, wakame and ponzu salad (L)
20.00 CHF
Mangrove shrimp with grapefruit and avocado in a cocktail salad style
17.00 CHF
(M) Country terrine, salad and sweet onion confit
15.00 CHF

Main dishes

Everness beef burger (beef from our alpine pastures, salad, onions, tomatoes, barbecue sauce, Swiss raclette cheese), fries*
27.00 CHF
Burger vegetarian with quinoa steak style (V)
26.00 CHF
Pan-fried entrecote, wine sauce, French fries*, seasonal vegetables (L/G)
44.00 CHF
(M) Appenzell beef tartar with knife, fries* (L/G)
36.00 CHF
(M) Veal cutlet, chimichurri, polenta fries, green salad (G/L)
38.00 CHF
Lamb cooked in a temperature base with olive juice and dried tomatoes, seasonal vegetables and purée (G)
45.00 CHF
(M) Pork ribs Everness style with barbecue sauce, chips and salad (G)
38.00 CHF
(M) Perly Fournier's poultry, cooked in a casserole, mashed potatoes, fried asparagus and morels (L/G)
39.00 CHF
(M) Cod “à la plancha”, “sauce vierge”, mashed potatoes with herbs, spring vegetables (G/L)
38.00 CHF
(M) Fillet of sea bass, olive oil with thyme, carrot, peas and smoked onions (G)
39.00 CHF
Lake Geneva perch fillets from our fisherman in Rolle meunière style, fried potatoes* and spring vegetables (G)
45.00 CHF
Fish & chips, sauce tartare, french fries*
25.00 CHF
Fresh tagliatelle with homemade tomato sauce (L)
22.00 CHF
Fresh tagliatelle primavera with wild garlic pesto (L)
24.00 CHF
Carnaroli risotto with green asparagus and grated Sbrinz cheese (V/G)
26.00 CHF
Carnaroli risotto with lemon zest and thyme sprig (V/G)
24.00 CHF
Oriental poke bowl (quinoa tabbouleh, red onion, carrots with cumin, miso aubergine, chickpeas, tahina sauce) (V/G/L)
Marinated and pan-fried tofu steak, vegetable croque, basmati rice with lemon (V/G/L)
Pasta made by Granaio Molisano in Bojano Italy (V/L)
All our meat comes from the Terraillon butcher shop
Meat Origin: Beef, Veal, Poultry : Switzerland
Fish Origin Perche : Geneva Lake ; Cod : Europa ; Sea bass : Atlantic Erupopa ; Tuna: Philipines ; Shrimp : Indian ocean
"The asterisk * means that the dish does not meet the requirements of the" Homemade "label

Cheese & desserts

(M) Selection of mature cheeses from our mountain pastures (G)
14.00 CHF
(M) Millefeuille, light pistachio and strawberry cream
12.00 CHF
(M) Gourmet pavlova with red fruits and raspberry sorbet (G)
13.00 CHF
(M) Chocolate brownie with caramelised pecan nuts
14.00 CHF
(M) Strawberry soup with mint (V/G)
12.00 CHF
(M) Mango passion fruit dessert with exotic coulis
12.00 CHF
Café gourmand with 5 sweets
14.00 CHF

Ice cream & sorbets

Dänemark scoop (vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate and whipped cream)
13.00 CHF
Scoop of Ice cream or sorbet (vanilla, chocolate, caramel, coffee, rum-raisin, pistachio, coconut, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apricot, pear, apple, passion fruit) (G)
3.70 CHF
Sorbet with alcohol (2 scoops & 2cl) (colonel, valaisan, williamine, rhum grape, lie de Lavaux) (G)
16.00 CHF
Chantilly (extra) Our ice creams and sorbets are made by "le créateur de glaces"
2.00 CHF


Chicken Tenderloin, French fries*
12.00 CHF
Junior house burger with Chips
12.00 CHF
Fillets of perches, french fries*
14.00 CHF
Fresh tagliatelle with homemade tomato sauce
10.00 CHF
Fish and chips with French fries*
12.00 CHF